We only work with fixed prices. As our client you always know how much your bookkeeping will cost, regardless of monthly variations and how often you contact us. All prices below are in SEK and excluding VAT.

Our packages

The packages below are for our two most common client types. If your company doesn’t fit into any of the basic packages, we customize a package for your situation.

We offer these packages for an average of up to 25 documents per month. By “document” we mean a receipt, an invoice or similar – basically a business transaction. We use the amount of documents mostly as a guide when setting your initial fee, so it’s not an exact science.

Prices are expressed as SEK per year for simplicity, but in reality we charge you 1/12th per month.

What's included?

Updating accounts monthly, closing your books at the end of the year, annual reports, income tax returns, VAT and employer tax returns, income statements and payroll support, EU sales reports, preliminary income tax, MOSS, support with related forms and administration, general accounting help and support.

In a nutshell, everything you need in bookkeeping and taxes.

Terms and more details about our services

What if the fee needs adjusting?

The packages below and our first quote to you is your starting fee, which normally is used until the end of your financial year. Towards the end of the year we evaluate your fee, and if we need to adjust it we let you know well in advance.

It can be that your company during the year has become larger or smaller, more or less complicated, or that the work we do for you for some other reason turned out differently than we initially thought.

Refer a friend and save money

If you like what we do, please tell your friends! If you refer a new client to us we deduct two months off your next invoice. You can refer as many clients to us as you want.

More details about our referral program

Sole Trader (Enskild firma)

  • One-person consulting business
  • Annual or quarterly VAT reports
  • Not registered as employer
  • Up to 25 transactions/month
  • Including tax return and other annual services

1 900 SEK/month

Limited Company (Aktiebolag)

  • One-person consulting business
  • Annual or quarterly VAT reports
  • Registered as employer
  • Up to 25 transactions/month
  • Including annual report and other annual services

2 500 SEK/month

Additional services

Some services are only needed by some of our clients, and we have a separate price list for these.
If you need our help with something that is clearly outside of the normal assignement,
we usually charge an hourly fee.
However, we don’t offer consulting services by the hour to others than our existing clients.

4000 SEK/year

VAT monthly

Reporting VAT monthly is rare and often unnecessary for small companies.

3000 SEK/year

Companies with auditor

Preparing for annual audits means some extra work for us.

6000 SEK/year 1-3 Employees


Usually only needed if the company has other employees than just the owners.

10000 SEK/year 4-6 Employees


For every three extra employees we charge 4000 SEK per year.

Hourly fee for bookkeeping 700 SEK

Hourly fee for closing books, tax returns etc 900 SEK

Hourly fee for advanced consulting 1100 kr